Would you like £500 for your Devizes knowledge?

Those of you who have been paying close attention recently might have already had seen a trailer in the Gazette & Herald for the new game we’ve devised to keep you all busy over the summer

Get to know your local area better than ever before, prove that you are a Devizes champion and win cash prizes with our new challenge: Devizes Details – A Photographic Treasure Hunt by Dave Buxton

The premise is simple but the task will challenge even the most observant among you. The Devizes Details booklet contains 75 photographs from around Devizes. All you need to do is tell us where each was taken. Each book costs £6 and contains an answer sheet for you to fill in. Only answers written in the book will be accepted. These need to be posted to the address provided by 29th May 2021. Winners will be announced, answers revealed and prizes awarded at Wiltshire Museum in November. More details can be found in the book.

You can grab a copy of Devizes Details at The Festival of Winter Ales this weekend –  28th/29th February.

The DOCA treasure hunt competition book, Devizes Details, was launched in February 2020 and has a closing date for entries of 30th October 2020. It was selling well until the inevitable shut down has made it difficult to buy copies and therefore take part in the contest to locate all the intriguing architectural details around town featured in the book. It’s still possible to buy copies online from the DOCA website but in order to give as many people as possible the chance to buy a copy and take part in the contest we have decided to move the closing date into next year. The new closing date for entries will now be Saturday 29th May 2021. A new date for declaring the winners and awarding the prizes, will be announced later.

What’s in it for you?

Oh, so many reasons to get involved with this one

  • All the cash 

    You could win! First prize is a cool £500 (provided by Hunter French estate agents), the second is £250 (donated by Wansbroughs Solicitors). If more than one person identifies the same amount of photographs, there will be a draw. It may be that no one gets them all so if you don’t complete the book, send it in any way as you could be one of the top contributors

  • Be the best

    Imagine the bragging rights you’ll have for getting all of these. No longer will anyone be able to claim that they know more than you about the local area – after all, you’ll have to take a look at every square foot to nail this challenge.

  • Fun for all the family

    Pokémon Go has nothing on this game. If you can’t get your kids out for a walk on the basis that it’s good for them, how about a promise of a share in the prize money? Plus we’re sure this book will take you to fun places and give you a whole new perspective on Devizes. You could even start your own mini in-family competition with more than one booklet (kids Vs. adults anyone?) or perhaps take on the challenge with other families and see who gets the most answers.

  • Bonus good deed

    Last, and certainly not least, you are supporting a good cause. This is a fundraising event for DOCA. We need your support to put on the events that we all love and this is a great way to participate. Find out more about us and the ways that individuals and businesses contribute to our work in the Devizes Details book.

Ready, set, go

There are plenty of opportunities to pick up a book in the coming months if you aren’t attending The Festival of Winter Ales this weekend. Pop into some of your favourite local businesses to see if they have them in stock already.  If you’d like to be a seller for the Devizes Details challenge then please do get in touch.

Get going as soon as you can – this one is going to be a head-scratcher and we think you’ll need all the time you can get. Good luck out there!