Woolly Mammoth build and dino-birds

DOCA Mammoth Building Project

We are proud to announce that we are now working with ‘And Now’ to create a Woolly Mammoth and some dino-birds.

‘And Now’ are a Wiltshire based company who conceive, design and create visual performance, image and installations, working with people, ideas, fire, fireworks, structures, sound and light. Their work is unexpected, accessible, entertaining and beautiful.

They will create our Mammoth and birds from natural and reclaimed materials, withies, willow, split bamboo, rattan, and will be covered in unravelled woolly jumpers and hesian scrim.

He’ll be 2.5 metres tall, so just a baby but still impressive and he’ll be animated so will be able to interact with the audience.

‘And Now’ will be working with our bursary candidates to create this amazing creature and will be seeking local volunteers to help us bring him to life on both the 15th of June and the 13th of July.  If you would like to find out how you can help us please us.


This project has come about as a result of a commission by Ginkgo Projects , the Mammoth will appear in Devizes with a group of supporters in costume created by a project delivered by Wiltshire Museum and  with an adapted version of the Winter Giant created by Beautiful Creatures and makers at Newbury 101 in Amesbury.  The funding for the main part of this work has come from Bloor Homes and Arts Council England, it is project managed by DOCA who have been contracted by Ginkgo Projects to create an inspiring project, working with partners and participants of the Kings Gate estate, uniting old and new communities and reference the heritage and history of the local area.

15th of June – Amesbury Carnival – first outing – accompanying work made by Beautiful Creatures Theatre Company and supported by community participants.  The Mammoth will be transported back to Devizes to be stored until the next outing late in evening.

13th of July – The Mammoth will appear at Devizes Carnival and then return to storage.