Woolly Mammoth build – seeking artists

DOCA Mammoth Building Project

DOCA has a history of creating almost life-size willow lanterns in all sorts of animal guises for our illuminated parades, they are made predominantly of ‘withies’ and always have some simple animation included, making them a real crowd pleaser.  We wish to use the same methods to create a Woolly Mammoth which will appear in our Carnival procession and that of our partners in Amesbury in 2019.


This project has come about as a result of a commission by Ginkgo Projects , the Mammoth will appear in Devizes with a group of supporters in costume created by a project delivered by Wiltshire Museum and  with an adapted version of the Winter Giant created by Beautiful Creatures and makers at Newbury 101 in Amesbury.  The funding for the main part of this work has come from Bloor Homes and Arts Council England, it is project managed by DOCA who have been contracted by Ginkgo Projects to create an inspiring project, working with partners and participants of the Kings Gate estate, uniting old and new communities and reference the heritage and history of the local area.


We may be able to source materials or extra budget for materials but you must anticipate that you can create the mammoth from the budget. Our aim is to use as many natural and recycled materials as possible, we would like some of the mechanics of the mammoth to be visible and the main dressing to be made of withies, hessian and muslin.  Please see images for inspiration.


We have a transport budget of £500 this is to include all transportation for both events, and return to Devizes for storage in between the events. We may have access to voluntary drivers, trailers or vans that could help if given enough notice and depending on the location of the build. This will enable you to divert some or all the transportation budget elsewhere.


Time line

Rehearsal time will need to be considered for each event. The mammoth should be ready to process by late morning in Amesbury and 6pm in Devizes. We can arrange a suitable space for assembly and briefing of volunteers when needed.

15th of June – Amesbury Carnival – first outing – accompanying work made by Beautiful Creatures Theatre Company and supported by community participants.  The Mammoth will be transported back to Devizes to be stored until the next outing late in evening.

13th of July – The Mammoth will appear at Devizes Carnival and then return to storage.


Build, including materials inclusive of all taxes and related expenses – £2,250

Transportation – £500

Other information

On completion the mammoth will become the property of DOCA, and will be used at other events if appropriate.  We will endeavour to credit the makers in promotional material through its life where possible.

We reserve the right to promote the project, use images of the build and the final piece in any publicity relating to our work in the future and throughout the conception of the project.

We will require the artists to provide images of the build process throughout for us to use in our marketing material and on social media.

We have experienced makers who volunteer for us regularly who would be happy to assist you depending on the location of the make, or they could make elements to your instruction and deliver to you, please talk to us about the possibility of working with our volunteers.

We are also running a bursary alongside this project and would welcome the opportunity for involvement of our bursary participants in the building process should this be appropriate.

How to Apply

Please email a proposal of no more than 2 A4 sides, outlining your relevant experience.  Send images of previous work, links to websites, give as many examples of your work as possible.  info@docadevizes.org.uk
Please give references if you have them.  If this provides a significant opportunity for development of your practice please let us know, we wish to support emerging artists and are happy to work with you to support the development of the work or may be able to help by removing obstacles which may stop you applying.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity in more detail please call Loz Samuels on 07500786541 between Tuesday and Friday – office hours.


Credit: Images of animal heads above taken at Newbury 101, these are for inspiration only