Wiltshire Remembers: Aftermath of the First World War

20th October 2018 – 23rd February 2019
Wiltshire Museum – Art Gallery, Oexmann Gallery

This moving exhibition. curated by Richard Broadhead, features a Wall of Remembrance dedicated to the 10,000 Wiltshire fallen of the First World War, including men and women who were members of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society (WANHS).

The exhibition will include:

  • A Wall of Remembrance for the 10,000 who are on memorials, born, buried or associated with Wiltshire. This has never been achieved before and to gaze on the name of the fallen will be a very emotional experience.
  • A memorial to the men and women members of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society (the Society) who fell in the Great War. This is the first time the names of members or children of members who fell in the Great War, including the Curator’s son and some other surprising characters, who if they had lived would have contributed to the future of the Society.
  • The names form a list of the great and the good from the county of Wiltshire. Find out more about some of their stories including the grave of a member visited by the King.
  • Great War Archaeology in Wiltshire and its ongoing legacy. So much of the Great War archaeology still exists – see some surprising artefacts which have survived for 100 years and the stories of the men who left their mark on Wiltshire.
  • Great War Memorials in Wiltshire. How and why we have so many of them today and the process that led to their creation and erection was not always a civil process.

The exhibition will feature the stories of the people who lived, fought, died and survived the conflict – a truly fitting memorial dedicated to those who gave all in the Great War.

This is Wiltshire Museum’s tribute to them, and features stories of some of those who fought, died and survived the conflict.

We Are Remembering Them!