What Happened to You? Is a semi-autobiographical puppetry show. Puppet Designer Nikki Charlesworth challenges the fundamental laws of traditional puppetry with award-winning puppets that boldy reflect her own physicality and move and she moves.

The story follows Little Red, Noodles and Bo, three raggedy puppets, just trying to get through the day. Ahead of them lies a mountain of challenges. Watch them persevere and find creative ways to overcome their impassable surroundings, using humour to dissipate the mounting frustration. Each puppet’s story explores our preconceptions about disability in a playful and humorous way, and showcases the endless opportunities out there once barriers of all kinds are removed.

What Happened to You? Features creative use of Audio Description, embedded into the original score and delivered by “Aidy”, and integrated British Sign Language, introducing children to enhanced access.