Prepare to be amazed by Roll Up, Roll Up as Simple Cypher perform explosive tricks with effortless agility within a large, spinning steel ring known as a Cyr Wheel. This skilled duo combines freestyle Hip Hop and acrobatics with juggling in an innovative and original way in this playful production.

Simple Cypher fuse Hip Hop and circus to create dynamic, uplifting experiences which dissolve the stereotypes that divide us; shattering divisions between race, education and class. Simple Cypher is a company built through the foundations of Hip Hop and circus, founded in 2016 by Kieran Warner and Chris Thomas. Style, originality and unity are key fundamentals of Hip Hop culture and have had a profound influence on shaping the company’s recognisable fusion of choreography, juggling and Cyr wheel.

Pitch:  In front of the Town Hall Pitch F

Times: 15:00 and 17:45 This show lasts for 20 minutes


To ensure everyone’s safety and ensure we gained the advanced permissions we needed we have erred on the side of caution with our planning. We have also considered our future sustainability – we want to make sure we are here for you in the future. With this in mind, we have introduced a ticket system for all of our static shows.

The first 50 seats of each performance will be bookable online – these will be the V.I.P seats. You will be guaranteed a seat and the best views for each show. To cover our costs we have introduced a small suggested booking fee of £3 per ticket or £10 for a family group up to 4.

We ask you to arrive at least 5 minutes before each show you have booked tickets for and take your seats, if you are not there as the show starts your seats will be up for grabs, no one wants to perform to an empty seat. We are sorry but there will be no refunds.

The remaining seats will be free and of course, so will all standing space.

Book Here For First Show – 15.00