Sarsen Candles

Sarsen Candles is located on Salisbury Plain with the company name paying homage to nearby Stonehenge.

Sarsen is very much a local word to Wiltshire with Sarsen Stones used in constructing Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and other prehistoric monuments.

The business was created by myself, Martyn and wife Terrianne. I have run my own small business for almost 20 years and Terrianne a hair stylist and craft maker, has led to the development of a hobby into a new business, Sarsen Candles.

We have had an exhaustive year investing thousands of hours into testing and developing our range to ensure the end result is a quality, premium product encapsulating our crafting flair, Vegan ethics with a keen business model.

Sarsen Candles is Registered, Trademarked, Insured and compliant to all the required candle industry regulations.