Charged with Joy, QWERIN by Osian Meilir is inspired by the weaving and flowing patterns of traditional Welsh folk-dancing, combined with the pulsating energy of Queer nightlife. QWERIN is back in fresh form this year, commenting on notions of Queerness and Welshness through a contemporary dance performance which celebrates culture, identity and community. To an original soundtrack by some of Wales’ most renowned musicians and costumes that give a new edge to the Welsh traditional dress, QWERIN truly is a feast for all senses.

QWERIN was created in 2021 as a commission from Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Art Consortium and was developed into a full-length work for six dancers in 2022 with funding support from Arts Council Wales and additional support from the National Dance Company of Wales.


Qwerin – Trailer from Osian Meilir on Vimeo.