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Lantern Partnership

As well as our usual workshops with local schools and youth groups, we are currently looking to build another large scale lantern, in partnership with local artists, to be introduced in the 2017 parade!


We are still in the early stages of planning and building this, so keep an eye out on our social media for photos and informaiton as it's released


Fancy getting involved? 


We are always on the look out for people to get involved in planning, building, or even sponsoring a large lantern, and would love to hear from any festivals that might want to collaborate on a project in the future.


We'd also love to hear from anyone that is part of a local group, business or company that wants to take part in the Lantern Parade and make their own lanterns - whether this is on the parade itself, or making a larger lantern to display in the window over the festive period! 


Email us on or call us on 07500786541 to discuss a future project