2019 Festival Photography competition

Each year we invite our audience to email us their best photos from any event during the Festival Fortnight to be entered into the Festival Fortnight Photography competition. In past years we have seen fantastic number of entries and some wonderful photos. Competition winners receive a cash prize and might be used in the next year’s publicity!

If you want to have a look at all the entries from the 2018 competition have a look at the DOCA galleries

This year’s judge was Stephen McGrath, who has been an active volunteer at DOCA over the past 5 years and also runs a photography and film business called of MadDogGiraffe Digital Media.

Stephen has been a photography most of his life, a large part of that as a professional but also as a passionate hobby.  He has been the Chairman of the local Devizes Camera club and has held many of the clubs trophies.  He also teaches photography and post processing.

2018 Winners

Adult CompetitionPhoto competition 1st place Adult

1st Prize: Karen Neal (£30 prize)

We love this this fabulous detailed shot of Duo Looky balancing miraculously on these bottle tops. Stephen says:

I particularly like this image because it captures the same feeling of amazement and fascination in a single image as I felt when watching this on the day.  As well as being a captivating image it has a great technical aspect; the shallow depth of field helps keep the subject as the main focal point but still gives a feeling of the crowd and atmosphere. Great photo, well done!

Photo competition 2nd place Adult

2nd: Ian Goodridge (£20 prize)

Ian Goodridge gave us this wonderful candid shot of performer and audience. Stephen Says:

It is very easy to focus your attention on the obvious but sometimes the best shots can be behind you.  This is a lovely photo, capturing a moment shared by a member of the audience with one of the performers from (insert act name here).  There is joy in both their faces and to add to this, the lady in the background is also smiling; whether that is related does not matter, it adds to the feeling of happiness.

Because this image makes me smile and because Ian had the thought to look for the less obvious, I have picked this as second place.

Junior Competition (16 & under)

Photo competition 1st place child1st prize: Reuben Goodridge (£20 prize)

Reuben captured this quirky performance capture of Cia El Cruce with the crowd. Stephen says:

I love this photo, it makes me laugh, what kind of mind comes up with such a wacky and humorous act such as this, performed by Cia El Cruce?

In this photo from Reuben, he has caught a great moment in the performance, the addition of the crowd watching as a backdrop really helps puts it into context.  Reuben has also capture an excellent moment as he pressed the shutter, the feet, arms and head are all in a good shape and the performer is engaging with the audience.  I can also see a very active and prominent member of Devizes Camera Club in the photo, so you were in some good company Reuben.

Well done for capturing this photograph and for entering in to the competition, I hope to see more of your photos in next years competition.

Photo competition 2nd place Child2nd Prize: Erica Goodridge (£10 prize)

Erica sent us a lovely end of the evening balloon shot from the Confetti Battle. Stephen says:

It was a very difficult choice to select from the remaining images but I kept going back to this image, I know it is a little skewed and I know it is a little dark but when you look a little closer, the colours of the balloons pop out against the darkening evening sky and add something very pleasing to the feel of the photograph for me.

Erica, if you are interested then have a look at Youtube for some videos on how to edit photos on your phone or computer, see if you can work out how to cut it down a little and maybe just bring out a little more information in the darker areas and lift those balloons so the colours pop even more.  Just a thought and by no means a criticism of what is already a very interesting and pleasing photograph.  Well done Erica!  keep it up.