Ashley Peever and Nikki Watson have created this interactive street performance that you can join using your phone.  huge bewildering beasts will twist themselves through the town each one ready to perform together with a musical composition like you have never heard before.

We need you and your phone. When you see the costumes you can join the spectacle by following the information below. This will allow your phone to tune into the music coming from each costume. Pick your favorite, turn your volume up and parade with your chosen beast and the other spectators. If you need any support our team will be around for the whole performance to give you a hand.

The performance consists of two parts; a sound tour and the main performance. The sound tour is an opportunity to see the costumes up close and personal, each emitting low ambient sounds as they prepare for the short parade to the main performance space. This is the perfect opportunity for the extra curious to tune into the music on their phones. Then follow the beast as they march through the festival to their grassy arena and watch the otherworldly Lost Opera begin.

 This work has an audio description that can be accessed through your phones live for the performance. Follow the information below and pick either the audio description or one of the costumes you would like to tune into.

 How to tune into the Lost Opera on your phones.

 Find your chosen beast, get close and scan QR Code 1,

 Once this has been found you can  Scan QR Code 2,

 You now can select your chosen beast and amplify their music or select the audio description. Turn up your volume and follow your beast. Enlist others to join your team.

 Don’t have a QR code reader or are having problems?

 Go to your phones wi-fi setting and select the network Lost Opera

(If you get a ‘No Network’ message just click stay connected.)

Now type the address into your  Google Chrome, Safari, Android, Firefox browser.

You should now be able to  select your chosen beast and amplify their music or select the audio description. Don’t forget to turn up your volume, follow your beast and enlist others to join your team.