Each year we create new large lanterns for the DOCA Winter Festival Lantern Parade.

  • The lantern making is a huge effort and involves local volunteers and lead artists.
  • They have a massive wow factor and are loved by the visitors to the parade.
  • Lanterns can last a number years depending on their structure and have the potential to tour to other events.
  • It takes about 20 days to make a large lantern, and costs approximately £1000 in materials, space hire for the build and a lot of tea, coffee and biscuits.

A couple of years ago we took three large lanterns to Salisbury Lantern Parade and we look forward to taking more to other parades, when the Covid situation allows.

Sponsor a large lantern to have a prominent position in our marketing which is delivered to over 7000 homes with the Messenger magazine.

They are a great opportunity to support the development of local artist and really make a splash at our event in November to which over 3500 attend. Throughout the build we will ensure we include your branding in blogs and social media that fans of the event follow enthusiastically.