Animated Lantern Masterclass

20th and 21st October

This year for the first time DOCA ran advanced lantern making workshops where participants developed their skills in two weekends of intensive lantern making sessions, working alongside Chris and Mick Davey who made the animated lanterns seen in the 2017 Lantern Parade.

Using traditional techniques, combined with some expert more modern materials, these masterclasses aimed to improve participants unique skills and create two fantastic new animated lanterns that will be part of the 2018 Lantern Parade.

We aim to use the work created to put a tour together which will give you an opportunity to appear at other lantern events around the country in the future. We hope these could be paid opportunities.

Hopefully we will be running these again next year for those that are interested – but if you want to get involved in the parade in the mean time we have our traditional open workshops coming up during November leading up to the Parade itself

You can see the flamingos and dinosaur made for the 2017 Lantern Parade in action at 0:21 and 3:43 in this video