Illumaphonium is a dynamic and interactive, multi-sensory, music making installation – the first of its kind. And it’s coming to Devizes for the Lantern Parade!

St John’s Church, 2pm – 8pm

You’ll find a very special installation in the grounds of St. Johns Church. The ‘Illumaphonium’ is a multi-sensory music making installation with illuminated chime bars which you are invited to play.

Your music making will change the lights and sounds made by the giant instrument. Find out more at the Illumiphonium website

Created by musician and inventor Michael Davis, the semi acoustic, semi automatic, multi-player musical sculpture stands over three and a half meters tall and consists of more than two hundred illuminated chime bars. Each respond to touch, with ever changing patterns of light and sound, spreading out like waves over the giant instruments surface, bringing people together into a fun and spontaneous music making experience.

Utterly mesmerising. An installation like no other I have ever encountered.
Gilbert Roper – Creative Curator – Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts

About the Artist

Michael Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist, creating sound, rhythm and three dimensional forms. For several years working to create large scale interactive sonic installations. His work engages with the public through touring interactive installations.

My work challenges the mental barriers I have observed through my fifteen years of facilitating participatory music that people can sometimes place between themselves and their inherent creativity Michael Davis

Michael’s installations have been shown at Glastonbury Festival, Bestival, Boomtown Fair, Noisily and will be making their first international appearance at Signal Festival of Lights in Prague this Autumn.