Help us to brighten up Devizes –  call out for Creatives of all ages

Devizes is usually festooned with hanging baskets at this time of year but they have been a bit absent since Covid struck and we miss them and all the colour they bring to the town. It got us thinking! We would like to create something equally colourful to decorate the streets of Devizes at our events, and we’d love your help to do this.  There are two ways you can do this… 

Make flowers: We are asking anyone of any age to make flowers, so we can make beautiful garlands to drape over our barriers.  You can make them out of anything, any size big or small and we’ll  assemble them. Materials that can stand getting wet and don’t take too long to dry are the best, old carrier bags, sweet wrappers, used foil wrapping paper, coffee wrappers whatever you can find. We know we have a talented bunch of folk in Devizes and we’d love to see what you come up with for this project. You can drop your flowers at the Kingfisher Café on Devizes Wharf. Please try and avoid their busy lunch time periods. 

Draw pictures: We’d like to invite children of 8 years or under to draw pictures of circus characters, performers or other festival or DOCA related things. We will pick out the best artwork and work with a graphic designer to make a montage which will be printed on our gauzes to decorate the dull barriers  that we use to divide up our events. Please send your images as Jpegs.  

 We need your work to be sent to us in digital format, so you can scan it or take a picture and send it to us.  The email to send your artwork to is, please include your name and the age of the artist and even a photo of them holding the work and we’ll share it on our social media.