‘Go Wild’ Carnival Costume Inspiration

The theme this year is ‘Go Wild’ – which we will need to do when we get to the next Carnival after so much time in isolation!

We have an exciting lead float being built by ‘And Now’ who will be creating an Ark.

We are looking for walking entries to follow the Ark ‘in two’s’ as is traditional – it can be anything – 2 disco dancers, 2 sumo wrestlers – it’s up to you.

Why not join in; you’ve plenty of time to get your costumes together. See some costume ideas below.
A note on materials… recycle what you can! Instead of buying new / ordering anything, try and make the most of what you have. If you can help collect materials for our workshops that would be brilliant. We are looking for the following:
– plastic bags (all colours)
– plastic cups
– bottle tops
– plastic bottles
– cardboard
– newspaper

Please start collecting them now and we will update you on the best time for them to be dropped off.