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Carnival Parade

1st September 2018


 Leaving The Green at 6.15pm, the Devizes Carnival Procession brings the town alive with vibrant walking groups and thousands of people lining the streets along our 2km route.


Our Carnival awards are awarded to entries who show creativity and innovation in their floats. In 2017, awards were presented for:

'Best Costume': given to an individual who displays creative flair and imagination in the design of their costume.

'Most innovative': awarded to an applicant (group or individual) who shows innovation in the concept, design or making of their entry.

'Best in Category': given to best overall entrant in their category


This year's winners are in! Congratulations to the following groups who have wone an award: 


Devizes Carnival 2017 winners


Overall Carnival winner: People of the Village 2017 ‘Club Tropicana’


Category A: Decorated trade vehicle (Sponsored by J.S Weeks & Co)

Best Costume: DS Smith ‘Angry Birds’

Most Innovative: Devizes Town Council ‘Hopelessly Devoted to Devizes’

Best in Category: Devizes Town Council ‘Hopelessly Devoted to Devizes’


Category B: Pubs, Social clubs, Street clubs, Community Groups – vehicle (Sponsored by The Wyvern Club)

Best Costume: HFT ‘Animals of India’

Best in Category: HFT ‘Animals of India’


Category C: Pubs, Social clubs, Street clubs, Community Groups – walking (Sponsored by Coral Cove Soft Play)

Best Costume: Friends of Chivers Carnival Committee ‘Kens Funky Chicks’

Most Innovative: Friends of Chivers Carnival Committee ‘Kens Funky Chicks’

Best in Category: Friends of Chivers Carnival Committee ‘Kens Funky Chicks’


Category D1: Schools/Youth groups - small walking, up to 20 members (Sponsored by Nixon and Shaw Optometrists)

Best Costume: St Joseph’s Primary School

Most Innovative: St Joseph’s Primary School

Best in Category: St Joseph’s Primary School


Category E: Schools/Youth groups – vehicle (Sponsored by Rowdey Cow Farm Cafe & Ice Cream Parlour)

Best Costume: Southbroom Infant School ‘The Jungle Book’

Most Innovative: Southbroom Infant School ‘The Jungle Book’

Best in Category: Southbroom Infant School ‘The Jungle Book’


Category F: Individuals and family/small groups - all ages (Sponsored by Sprout Cafe)

Best Costume: The Dunstan Extended Family ‘Ride a cock-horse (walking)’

Best in Category: Willow Francis-iles ‘Mother Nature’


Category G: Decorated small vehicles (cycles, prams etc, non-motor)

Best costume: The Howes Family ‘The Canal & River Pirates’

Most innovative: The Howes Family ‘The Canal & River Pirates’

Best in Category: The Howes Family ‘The Canal & River Pirates’


Category H: Majorettes (Sponsored by Avon Trophies)

Best costume: Enigma Twirl Team ‘Spooktackular’

Most innovative: Enigma Twirl Team ‘Spooktackular’

Best in Category: Enigma Twirl Team ‘Spooktackular’


Category I: Dance groups (Sponsored by Mcqueen Vets)

Best costume: People of the Village 2017 ‘Club Tropicana’

Most innovative: People of the Village 2017 ‘Club Tropicana’

Best in Category: People of the Village 2017 ‘Club Tropicana’


Carnival is the culmination of masses of hard work on the part of the participants and a real spectacle. the 2018 Carnival will be themed around Ecosystems and nature. We're accepting entries already, so click the link below to fill in the entry form!  

Sign up button


IMPORTANT All applicants please read and understand the Terms & Conditions (below). If you are planning to enter a vehicle-based carnival float, please make sure your vehicle complies with the safety regulations at the end of the document.

Terms conditions button 

Application forms will also be available at Devizes Books and Scholars, Devizes nearer the event

Devizes books         Scholars


Grist Award


2017 saw the introduction of the Grist Green Prize - a special award presented to environmentally friendly groups. This year's winner was the Howes Family, and their 'Canal and River Pirates'


The prize will be a ticket to one of Grist’s partner festivals or events. Grist will be happy to help you with materials should you need them, as the major recycling centre for the area they have plenty at their disposal. All that they ask is that you make an appointment to collect materials and provide your own transport on the day of collection.


There will be a range of criteria that your entry will be assessed on to compete for this prize. These will include:

  • How green is your wagon – obviously if you are not using a combustible fuel you will score highly here, so on foot or peddle powered entries will have the edge. You could also score points if you can prove you are using green bio fuel to power you entry.
  • ReUsed and Recycled – if your entry is made predominantly of re-used or recycled materials you’ll be ticking another important box, take lots of photographs of your construction so judges can see how you’ve incorporated recycled materials in your creations, and keep a record of what you’ve used.
  • Generating natural energy – perhaps you could go one step further with your energy consumption and generate some! Perhaps your sounds are solar powered or your lights run off a dynamo – marks for inventive ideas.
  •  After the Party – what will you do with your float and costumes, tell us your plans, you might gain a bit of headway if there’s some recycling involved.


There can be no doubt about it, Devizes Carnival must increase in fame. We have all been telling one another what strangers have said to us about it. "Never seen anything like it in any town, small or big", said one man who travels up and down the country. "How do you people do it?" asked another, adding that in his town, a place of 30,000 people, the inhabitants could as easily teach donkeys to whistle as themselves band together in a common cause and organise a public Carnival on such a scale of magnificence.

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