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We are excited to once again be taking part in the Window Wanderland. We are inviting our local community to create something special in their windows to show just what an amazingly creative place Devizes is.

Anyone with a window can create a display which we hope will light up Devizes. Make sure you wrap up warm, get out and enjoy the change of window scenery.

Take Part

Taking part is free and all you have to do is register your window for our event. This will allow it to be included on our interactive map of devizes highlighting all of the different window locations.

The link to sign-up will be made available closer to the event.

Window Inspiration

Devizes is putting on a Window Wanderland and you want to take part? Wanderful! Welcome aboard.

  • Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome.
  • You can use the windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, camper van, shop…
  • It doesn’t even have to be windows, you can also use your front door, the front of your house, your front garden…

How do I create a Window?


Generally black paper works best but can look a bit severe during the day, you can use any colour, even white, so long as it is thick enough to form a silhouette. Sugar paper is good as it’s thick enough so you can use colours for daytime, thin enough to cut well and it will go dark at night. My windows are above the radiator so condensation wasn’t a problem but you might want to consider that, top tips welcome!

Tissue paper
Is fabulous for ‘pop art’ style block colour, and if layered up can make interesting images. It is fragile though, which is why it is worth using the tracing paper as a canvas. If you want a very specific image with ‘black lines’ between the colours, you can use black paper or large chunky ‘paint pens’. These are expensive, but if you have a lot of lines to do it might be easier than cutting out black paper. I know that I have been far too hasty, thinking intricate designs would be easy….

You can use ‘sharpie’ pens on tracing paper, but  they can become less vibrant. I recommend at least 90 gsm tracing paper if you are going to draw with marker pens, less weight may bleed through. If you want to do bright images then you can buy lightweight white paper from Art shops which is what the sharpies were on for my ‘skeleton’, in honour of my father’s peaceful exit from this stage. It took a long time, but was meditative!

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