Devizes Details

A photographic treasure hunt by Dave Buxton

Devizes Details - A photographic treasure hunt How well do you know Devizes and its buildings? ‘Devizes Details’ is a DOCA fundraiser, presenting you with an intriguing challenge that could keep you busy for months. A treasure hunt of Devizes beautiful doorways, rooftops, windows, datestones, and other features of it’s buildings It’s a competition. Find the 75* features photographed in ‘Devizes Details’, enter your answers by the end of May 2021 and you’ll have the chance to win £500!

Proceeds from sales of the book will go to support DOCA’s programme of events for this year including Devizes Carnival, Devizes International Street Festival, Confetti Battle and Lantern Parade. We are grateful to our sponsors, Hunter French estate agents who are providing the first prize of £500 and Wansbroughs Solicitors who will provide the second prize of £250.

Dave Buxton, who is a DOCA Trustee, photographed Devizes and compiled the book for DOCA, with support from Ida McConnell of Jakson McConnell.

The DOCA treasure hunt competition book, Devizes Details, was launched in February 2020 and has a closing date for entries of 30th October 2020. It was selling well until the inevitable shut down has made it difficult to buy copies and therefore take part in the contest to locate all the intriguing architectural details around town featured in the book. It’s still possible to buy copies online from the DOCA website but in order to give as many people as possible the chance to buy a copy and take part in the contest we have decided to move the closing date into next year. The new closing date for entries will now be Saturday 29th May 2021. A new date for declaring the winners and awarding the prizes, will be announced later.

*Is there one missing?

There has been a treasure hunt nightmare! One of the photographed items mysteriously disappeared after the book went to print, we don’t when or where it went but it has certainly gone! Competitors please note, picture no. 62 is no longer part of the competition so don’t waste time looking for it!

And here are the answers…

We will be announcing the winners of the prizes at the upcoming DOCA’s AGM. Check the answers below to see how many you got right. Click view in full-screen.

Special thanks to our key sponsors

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