Counting Trees

12th December 2021 : The Leipzig Plantation, Devizes

In 2019 DOCA, along with many of our sector colleagues, signed up to the Culture Declares Climate Emergency initiative. DOCA is committed to acting and making positive changes in as many aspects of its work as possible towards this goal and to offsetting our carbon footprint.

Working with Devizes Town Council and with thanks to the Woodland Trust, we are planting a parcel of land at the Leipzig Plantation to create a small ‘Festival Woodland’ for people to enjoy long into the future. The first 31 trees were planted early in 2020 just before the national lockdown bringing an unplanned poignancy and relevance to the work. Now established and thriving, the glade created has seen much community interest and comment. All 31 trees have been dedicated by and to someone, and subsequently each tree benefits from a personal investment in what we hope to achieve collectively.

The Festival Woodland is growing…

In December 2021 we take ownership of another 80 saplings, a mix designed to generate wildlife by establishing food and shelter sources. The mix includes hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel and common oak. Our glade is becoming a woodland.

Our  Tree Planting took place on December 12th 11 – 2pm. We welcome visitors to the town and locals alike to the second ‘Counting Trees Gathering’ to help plant out the new consignment of the 80 saplings. Up next to Devizes White Horse on the Leipzig Plantation with spectacular views across the county, lies a special place to take time out in the fresh air and enjoy the simpler side to life. We’re inviting people to adopt a tree, for which you’ll receive a certificate, dedicated identification tag and the opportunity to add a plaque for a personal message or dedication. Here is a perfect gift for the future.

Check back for details of future events or keep an eye on our social media. People who have adopted trees will be notified by email.

Claim a Tree

Find out more about the trees that are being planted 

All native trees and are between one and two years old. We hope that our tree count will continue to grow in the future with more donations and places to plant. They are £20 each and all are individually tagged with a unique number.

CONTACT US to claim a tree


If you buy a tree, you are welcome to add a plaque which we will attach to the stake by your tree. The inscription could carry your family name, a dedication for someone or any words which are special to you. After you have applied for a tree, we will notify you of the tree number which you will need when you order your plaque.

Please order your plaque directly from Avon Trophies who are kindly offering a special half-price deal. The standard plaque size is 5” x 3” made from brushed gold metal with a personalized printed message. You can fit approximately 196 characters on a plaque. Plaques cost £7.50 which includes a generous 50% discount from Avon Trophies.

To order please contact Avon Trophies directly with your chosen inscription AND your allocated tree number  Avon Trophies – 01380 724630