Counting Trees

27th November 2021

The Leipzig Plantation- Devizes

DOCA have signed up to the Cultural Climate Emergency initiative and as part of our efforts to offset our carbon footprint. We have secured 31 native British trees from the Woodland Trust. Devizes Town Council has given us a parcel of land at the Leipzig Plantation to plant our trees, where we hope to create a small copse for people to enjoy long into the future. The first DOCA tree planting took place in 2020, we hope to make the tree planting a permanent fixture in the DOCA events calendar.

Celebrating memories with a gift for the future.


The cost of trees are £20, all are individually tagged with a number. 

You can find out more about the trees that will be planted here, they are all native trees and will be between 1 and 2 years old. 

We hope that our tree count will continue to grow in the future with more donations and places to plant. If you are interested in claiming a tree in the future please email the DOCA team

Trees at Leipzig Plantation


You are welcome to add an engraved plaque to honor a person of your choice, this will be located on a stake by your tree, you will have to organise this in advance.  You must notify us if you intend to do this in advance via email 

Order your plaque direct from Avon Trophies who are kindly offering a special half price deal.  

Standard size is 5” x 3” brushed gold metal with a personalised printed message. You can fit approximately 196 characters on a plaque.

The cost will be £6.50 each, which is a 50% discount from are usual cost. Avon Trophies will keep hold of your plaque and give it to us directly so we can attach it to a stake before the event.

Avon Trophies Ltd – 01380 724630 – – 

You are welcome to plant a small memory box with your tree it must be made of organic material, paper, tin, etc.  No plastic will be permitted.