Devizes Confetti Battle

Devizes Market Place
Entertainment starts from 7.30pm
Battle commences 8.00pm

As far as we know Devizes is the only town that has a Confetti Battle tradition.  No one can remember the first official battle but we know its roots date back to the old Devizes Carnival in 1913, where confetti and rose petals were thrown by the crowd at people in the procession. The tradition evolved into a fully-fledged battle around 1955 when it was started by Jim Jennings.

There is no ‘battle’ as such, just a very silly half hour during which a lot of fun is had, and a lot of confetti is thrown about. Expect to get ‘attacked’ by complete strangers throwing paper!  The Battle continues to gain popularity and 2017 saw over 3500 people take part. The event takes place at the finish line of our new Colour Rush 5k run so expect to see some exceptionally colourful visitors in the crowd.

There’s a Jennings fairground in the Market Place throughout the event.

2018 saw the introduction of a token system where you could buy tokens to exchange for the confetti before the event which we will be bringing back in 2019. Look out for our stand and get your tokens to reduce queuing time during the event. You’ll still need to line up to collect your confetti in the usual place at 8pm.

This event is proudly sponsored by Confetti Magic and Times Square Restaurant

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