Devizes Carnival Parade

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Saturday 31st August 2024

Last year we did things a little differently. We worked with artists and creatives from across Devizes to help facilitate 7 days of FREE summer workshops for all ages leading up to the Carnival. Based at the Wharf Theatre, we undertook our biggest ever community build.

These workshops were for all ages and included making flags, masks, costumes and large-scale sculptures that were towed on trailers in the parade. We provided support, materials and technical know-how to bring your creative ideas to life!

In 2023, the Carnival theme was ‘Environment’. We purposefully chose a broad theme to accommodate all of your creative ideas, with a focus on how we consider the materials we use to create. There are so many amazing costumes, masks and floats made using entirely recycled materials.

If you’d like to take part in workshops like these for Carnival 2024, or if you’d like us to help make it easier for you to participate in the event, please CLICK HERE and fill in the form.