Bursary Diary 9 – Jackie Waddell

New day, new place, new people. 

Today was my first day with Mandy and Ben at their ‘And Now’ studio space, working on the Mammoth and Neolithic birds.  

I always find it a bit daunting meeting and working with new people, but I was immediately put at ease by a warm welcome from my creative and friendly hosts and we were soon rolling up our sleeves and getting on with the important business of making wonderful things. Mandy got to work on Mammoth construction and I got on with constructing the Neolithic birds. We discovered that I have a talent for taking really light materials, putting them together and creating really heavy stuff! The resulting bird head that I put together, was so heavy that you could have used it to anchor a cruise ship in a high wind! It was a valuable lesson in ‘what not to do’ and Mandy and Ben were very nice and didn’t rib me about it too much. Never one to let things beat me, I stripped it back and got on with making a version that would be light enough for a normal human to manage, rather than one that could only be lifted by a professional body builder!