Bursary Diary 8 – Sarah Appleton

Monday was the last day of work on the giant’s costume and it felt fitting that I should go and help out with finishing it as I had been there on the first day of working on her as well. Hannah and David were there; they’ve been working really hard to get her looking fabulous for the Amesbury Carnival and huge props are due to them for their mighty effort and creative talent. She’s like an entirely different giant since the first day I met her and I couldn’t be more proud to have been involved!  

First off on Day 8 of my bursary experience I created some giant braids for her hair; most of the hair was finished, but we wanted to see what some additional texture would look like. So I used strips of fabric and braided them together, then placed them atop her wig. Then there was the matter  of her pre-existing hair (made from rolled up bubble wrap), some of which still needed painting, so this was the next job and I was up a ladder with a mixture of Rosco paint, PVA and latex, paintbrush in hand, in no time. 

Next I started on the giant’s jewellery; she need a necklace made of tusks / teeth, so I fashioned two of these from cardboard, stuffed them with bubble wrap and then painted them, using photos of neolithic costumes for reference. Then Jess and I made another necklace in a collaborative effort; this was a mixture of giant beads, fur and ‘shells’, all made from bubble wrap, paper tape and then painted. These little details are important because they hint at the giant’s back story – did she kill a boar and now wears the tusks as a trophy? Are the other things part of a sentimental collection? You decide! 

While I did these things the others worked on various other elements; the baby, a tattoo and axe for the giant and other finishing touches. Then it was time to say goodbye for now, with the giant looking carnival ready in her new outfit and with her baby strapped on and ready to go. Now it’s just to finish the mammoth and we’ll be ready for our giant puppet party!