Bursary Diary 7 – Sarah Appleton

Sarah A - Diary 7 design drawings This week I’ve been up at And Now HQ near Box helping with their carnival creations. Jackie was working on the ‘dino-birds’, which are looking great, whilst Mandy worked on the structure of the mammoth. My first job was to make the head hump / toupee of the mammoth, which was made of a mound of bubble wrap layered with shredded hessian. This was quite quick and easy to work up (especially after my experience with the giant) and looked really great when dry.  

The next job was the mammoth’s shaggy fur, a much bigger affair with a lot of work involved. Using hessian and bits of old rope and twine, I glued together a carpet of textured ‘hair’ for the main body of our mammoth. This is a lot of work; the ropes are unwound by hand to give a curly look and then glued on to the hessian backing with latex. Simply because of the sheer size of it this has taken up most of my time over the last couple of days with plenty more still to do! It’s going to look spectacular when it’s all in place though and will give the effect of a mammoth who’s had a wild and interesting life. 



Farm view - Sarah A Close up of textures Sarah A - workspace