Bursary Diary 6 – Sarah Appleton

On my second day working on the bursary I was back at 101 Outdoor Arts working with Jess and the gang on some oversized Neolithic animal masks for carnival time! The kids who are wearing these costumes will be decorating them themselves, however the cutting is quite tricky, time consuming, dangerous and had to be accurate so it was our job to cut out hundreds of masks and ears to be put together ready for the kids workshops. The others had been working all of the previous day on this project too but there was still plenty to do when I arrived. I was put in charge of the boar heads, using a template designed by Jess to draw around on giant sheets of cardboard and then cutting out with a craft knife and ruler. These will eventually be folded origami style into a 3D shape and have 3D ears attached for a contemporary geometric look. 

We worked on this all day long as 30 of each animal (including boar, goat and sheep) had to be constructed as well as several wheat and barley sheafs. It was really interesting to learn the process of making these and how the 3D design was conceived as I’m new to 3D work and fascinated by it all! By the end of the day the cutting out still wasn’t entirely complete but we had made great strides towards the end goal. 

While I was there I also managed to catch up with our Neolithic giant – now affectionately nicknamed ‘Beryl’ – who now has a costume and a face / head – although the latter is not attached yet… scary! Anyway she’s making great progress since my last visit and I was amazed to see just how far she’d come along since that time, when she was only a skeleton covered in bubble wrap! 

The more I get stuck in to the carnival preparations the more exciting it all seems; I can’t wait to see what this week has in store! 

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