Bursary Diary entry 5 – Jackie Waddell

Diary Entry 5 - JackieWow! I was bowled over when I got to 101 this morning! There have been some busy little bees working flat out on the Giant. Her face, which has gone through the same process as I have done for the baby’s head, is sculpted and the first layers of paper mache have already gone on. Martin has been working really hard on it and it is looking fantastic! But if I thought the face was big, that was nothing to the size of the body. Our other Bursary, Sarah, has been working on clothing the giant, together with the lead costume makers, Hannah and her husband David. It was the first time I had seen the giantess in her upright position. Previously, she had been laid out on the floor and I had not appreciated just how big she is, until I saw her today. She is HUGE! Hannah and David were busily working on ‘Beryl’, as Martin has affectionately christened her, padding out the ‘skeleton’, to make her into a woman, and are now in the process of fitting her with clothes. Everyone was very pleased with ‘Boris’, as I have named the baby and after removing his mask from the mould and giving him a final layer of paper, he is ready for Hannah to add his body.  

The rest of my day was spent with Martin, helping him to get more layers of paper onto Beryl’s face. I wont be back at 101 now, until Beryl and Boris are completed and we have a ‘dress rehearsal’, in a few weeks time. I’m really excited to see what they will look like by then and even more excited about that day, as I will finally be able to see her ‘walking’. If you would like to see Beryl and Boris for yourselves, come along to Amesbury Carnival on 15th June! My next Bursary Diary entry won’t be for a couple of weeks, that is when I start helping out Mandy Dike, the lead artist that will be creating the Mammoth, which will be making its grand appearance at Devizes Carnival on 13th July. Mandy’s company is Called ‘And Now’. Check out her website: www.andnow.co.uk  to see some of the amazing work that she does. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to work with her, but rest assured, I will keep you all updated with diary entries and photos, so you will know exactly how that goes. 

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