Bursary Diary entry 2 – Jackie Waddell

Jackie's Diary Entry 2 Another wonderfully creative day at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Spaces. There is more about them and the diverse creative projects that they are involved with here: https://www.101outdoorarts.com/ it really is an inspirational place. 

When I got there, Martin had got the Giantesses face ready to have the features sculpted. I thought that was to be my job for the day, but I was wrong. Martin said to me that the Giantess was going to be carrying a baby and that he needed me to make a head for the baby and would I be able to do that? Oh yes, I’m pretty sure that I can come up with something, was my reply. Although I have never made such a thing before, with a few instructions about the basic construction, from Martin, I got on with the job.  

The first step was to bulk out a basic shape for the head, which I did with a large amount of bubble wrap and an even larger amount of parcel tape. 

Once I had the basic shape, I could start adding clay, to build up the features into something that would, hopefully, end up looking like a baby. 

The day just flew past as I immersed myself in sculpting the head. So far, it didn’t much look like a baby, he looked more like an angry bloke with fat cheeks! Towards the late afternoon, Martin asked me if I would like to take it home to work on it there, to which I readily agreed. That worked really well for me, as it meant that I could put far more work into it than I would have been able to there. With the long weekend Easter break coming up, being able to work on it at home was a great idea and meant that it cut the travel out, less travel, more time to sculpt. See how I got on in my next diary entry.