Bursary Diary 12 – Sarah Appleton

Day 9 of my bursary I joined Jess and Olivia at Amesbury Archer Primary School for two mask making workshops on behalf of Beautiful Creatures. The first was a rabbit or hare head with the Year 5 group, with boars or pigs in the afternoon. Regular readers will remember that we spent a couple of days cutting out the cardboard ‘flat-pack’ geometric style ears and faces of 4 neolithic farm animals by hand a few weeks ago, so it was lovely to be able to see them through to their 3D shape at the end.

The kids assembled the 3D ears and heads themselves with nothing more than duct tape to hold it all together and I must say that they did a most marvellous job! They persevered through all the fiddly parts that most adults wouldn’t have the patience to do and we came out with the most fabulous contemporary rabbit masks. After completing the basic shape, they were allowed to use markers to draw on eyes and other facial features; some of the children drew carrots for the rabbits to eat, some also featured waggly tongues and fur, so each one looked unique.

In the afternoon it was time for the year 6 group to make boar masks. These have an extra component as they also have tusks, so time was a bit more limited. Once again they did a really great job despite it being quite the challenge; of course us adults were on hand with copious amounts of sticky tape as well. After they were complete, we took the class outside and they practised their boar dance for the big day.

The kids were so good at these workshops and looked so amazing in their handmade masks – who would believe they’re all just made of card?! We really hope that lots of them will be able to join us at Amesbury Carnival, walking with the giant as she herds them through the streets.