Bursary Diary 11 – Sarah Appleton

Diary Entry 11Entry 11, day 8 of my bursary experience was spent back at And Now HQ again. The mammoth is now in full swing and I had taken some more rope home to unfurl over the weekend, which I delivered in a big bag. I was expecting to work on the mammoth fur again, however this time I was set the task of working on the Dino-Birds, which has thus far been Jackie’s main project.  

The first job was to finish padding out and taping up one of them; these beasts are sort of a cross between a flamingo and a velociraptor but as I was working on the boat shaped bottoms of them, they were rubber ducks for the day (in my mind). After finishing off the shapes, it was time to coat them in two layers of latex and hessian; this is for strength, grip and texture. They will probably have other materials attached over the top of this, so it’s just a base layer. This job took most of the day, then it was time to start working on the feathers or fluff of the Dino-Birds. 

Now that I am an expert shredder of many different materials, this part was a cinch. Along with the other reclaimed materials used for the mammoth, And Now had collected some woven plastic sacks, which when frayed, resemble fluff or goose down. Perfect for our Dino-Birds! So I set about hand-fraying one of these – strangely satisfying work! Then it was time to say goodbye to my friends at And Now, who have been so kind to me, so thank you to them. I can’t wait to see the mammoth again at Amesbury Carnival when he’s all finished and I can see how much all the hard work has paid off!