Bursary Diary 10 – Jackie Waddell

Day 2 at ‘And Now’ with Mandy and Ben got off to a great start, as it was the first time I had a chance to Meet Sarah Appleton, my fellow DOCA Bursary. Sarah is a very talented Textile Artist and was busy working on the Mammoth’s ‘skin’. She had already made the ‘wig’ for the Mammoth head and was now working on the skin covering for his body. Mandy had made really good progress on the main structure for the body and Ben was working on the back packs, that will be used to carry the Mammoth. I am a bit in awe of Mandy and Ben, they are very talented and experienced makers and creators and seem to be able to conjure up the most fabulous things, from a pile of recycled and repurposed materials, that most people would be taking to the local rubbish dump. Whilst the others got on with their respective jobs, I got on with the construction of the ‘lightweight’ Neolithic bird heads, and that was us, all busily beavering away on our different parts of the project. It was a wonderfully creative day, with lots achieved, most pleasantly punctuated with the exchange of knowledge (I do love to learn new things!) artistic ideas and a rather yummy lunch.