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Street Festival Archive

Every year, we host fantastically talented companies as part of the Devizes International Street Festival. See below for previous year's programmes: 



Abi Collins - Une Femme Exposée

Katinka has fallen on her times, she’s lost her lover, her career and her wealth. She now has only one objective – the show must go on!  Acrobatics, hula hoops, a new use for traffic cones and a bit of help from the audience make for an unforgettable performance.

Abigail Collins, from Australia is a certified lunatic, as well as academic and trained dancer. Her show will touch your heart, fire your brain and tickle your funny bone.



The Acro-Chaps are David, Tony and Jamie - and very dashing young men they are! Firm believers that there is nothing in life that cannot be improved by the application of a good moustache, these three intrepid fellows set out to entertain, dazzle and amaze.


Acrojou - All At Sea

A striking and atmospheric roving performance: an intimate and theatrical row-about.

Featuring a tiny boat with a crew of one, adrift in perpetual solitude, under his own mobile storm, complete with lightning, thunder... and a lot of rain.. A storm in a tea cup, the cloud that we all carry, a boat-sized piece of a man’s inner ocean...

All at Sea combines melancholic humour, striking design, and the visual poetry for which Acrojou is recognised.

“Thought this was absolutely beautiful. There are no other words. So simple... seen it 3 x today and could watch it 10 more”


Acrojou - Frantic

 Explosive, acrobatic dance-theatre with a rain-soaked finale

Love, freedom, blood, sweat and rainstorms. Frantic is an explosive acrobatic exploration of our relentless devotion to busyness, the reality of a running mind and one man’s thirst for escape.

Frantic features spectacular acrobatics and dance-theatre, choreographed around a wheel, with a hidden water system for a joyous finale danced in pouring rain.

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful show 'Frantic' is. I saw my life in the performance and it made me cry. It also made me resolve to make changes. So poignant and moving. Thank you. Great art."

"One of the finest short dance pieces I have seen for some time. From simple ingredients, it creates an intensely moving experience."

Richard Ings, Arts Council England


Bramble FM

These two architects of idiocy are not afraid to present for a whole three hours! With absurdly popular regular features Hammer Time, Nature Watch, Pass the Dutchie, War Log, in the moment improvisation and eclectic dance moves, these two create a kind of comedy that is physical, surreal, cerebral and allows the audience to sit back and laugh their wellies off!

BrambleFM is a comic community radio roadshow. Come and join Maureen Clarke (powerful legs, fast mind) and Lesley Beachamp (bipolar, hairy stomach) as they broadcast live. Top tunes, complicated shapes thrown on the roadshow podium, and anarchic improvisations. You’ll get a chance to run your eyes over the legendary Bramble FM nailing tool during “Hammertime” (please remember you can’t touch this), experience the dread power of Rastafari as we pass the Dutchie pot on the left hand side, gain some historical insight with our Palaeolithic Reenactment Society (join in February and get a free flint), cry at the heatbreaking puppetry skills in our original WWI drama “Warlog!”. Plus 1000 plastic spoons to give away. FREE!


The Brooklyn Healer

After unexpectedly receiving the healing gift from a dying Chinese man, Charlie O’ Taney was forced to make an abrupt career change. From Hit-man,for the Brooklyn Mafia, to Healer.

Step inside Charlie’s faithful automobile, a veritable cabinet of miracles, where the festival is transformed into a mobile therapy room and the audience becomes the centre of a refreshingly funny and profound miracle.

Personalised treatments are for anywhere between 1 and 4 people at a time. Individual, couples or family treatments welcome.



Bureau of Silly Ideas - The Original Mobile Phone

Be warned this is the cutting edge of technology: A MOBILE PHONE and if it’s ringing you should probably answer it. BOSI bring some of their sillyness to Devizes, hop on and connect – you never know who will be on the other end. 


Circle of Two - The Impossible Love Story of Bambolina and Dodo

When the clock strikes twelve, magic begins and a doll comes to life...

Inspired, amongst others, by the myth of Pygmalion and the tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann, this is a poetic pantomime that blends circus, theatre and puppetry. It tells the impossible love story of a mechanical doll called Bambolina and its maker, Dodo.

Circle of Two are a family outfit who have been touring internationally since 2003.

"It is always a great pleasure to watch these two supremely professional artists at work. Their meticulous attention to detail in performance, costume and presentation is quite stunning." Dave Buxton


Cirque Bijou - Circus Cafe

Roll up roll up to the Circus Cafe! A quirky daytime street show from Cirque Bijou, where audience members select delicious looking dishes from the circus menu and, after some commotion in the kitchen,receive their very own circus vignette, cooked up by acrobats, jugglers and jokers. A fun and family friendly street show with a good dollop of bonkers and a cherry on top!


Duo Kaos - Time to Loop

 A story about movement, transformation and love, transforming chaos into harmony.

A synchronised game, constantly searching for balance using hand to hand, bicycle acrobatics and more.  Elegant, playful and warm.

Duo Kaos are Giulia Arcangeli (Italy) & Luis Paredes (Guatemala) 1st  place “Orango Bando”  C.IT.A 2015 - 1st place winner of the Jury Prize at the 17th Internationalen Kleinkunstfestival 2016

In association with Association Sistema 23



Gramophonegrooves a little party in a big pram, original Jazz, blues, dance and rock n Roll 78's played out on original HMV 101 gramophones. Backed up by a vintage horny sound system.

From wandering itinerant tune provider to static djing, vintage sounds have never sounded or looked better.



This performance piece entitled ‘Grass Men’ forms an absurd public spectacle in which a host of mythical beings slowly materialise around the grey cityscape. The ‘Grass Men’ interact and engage with the audiences and playfully entice them away from the bustling cityscapes towns; drawing them away from their everyday lives to the remaining green space and parks. They form the stark reminder of how through our insuppressible strive for modernity, technology and order we have lost touch with our childish awe of nature.

About me: Ashley Peevor is a multi disciplinary Artist based in the south of England, He has exhibited extensively across the UK and abroad. His work has received a range of media coverage including a full page spread in the Big Issue and has also featured on BBC Inside Out Programme. Working with a combination of sculpture, costume and performance, his practice looks to reinterpret the boundaries between these disciplines.


Hayley McKay

Hailing from Darlington, Hayley McKay is an extraordinarily gifted singer/songwriter with an amazing voice. Hayley played at Glastonbury in 2015, opening the Toad Hall stage, as well as performing in Nashville. In 2016 Hayley played at Northumberland Live, supporting Scouting For Girls, and Cornbury Festival alongside Bryan Ferry, Jamie Cullum and Seal. Additionally Hayley has supported Hazel O’Connor, Albert Lee, Skip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald, Go West, Tom Jones, Tony Christie and Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. Hayley also featured on the soundtrack of the film Harrigan, starring Stephen Tompkinson, she’s a Caffé Nero artist, with her songs being played in their stores worldwide, as well as being a Prince’s Trust Ambassador. Hayley’s second single - The Bottom Of My Heart - was released on May 5th further enhancing her reputation as one to watch on the national music scene.


Joli Vyann and L'Eolienne - 'Lance moi en l'air'

Joli Vyann’s latest  show, choreographed by Florence Caillon with original music by Xavier Demerliac and Florence Caillon, is about the sensitivity and connection between two people, bringing about compatible contradictions. Can we be strong whilst relaxed? Heavy whilst light, grounded whilst levitated, submissive whilst in control? It explores a mixture of strength and weakness. Can we be dropped into the air? Humanity emerges and acrobatic prowess speaks between bodies. In a mixture of abandonment and accountability this piece is sensitive, poetic and beautiful.


King Brasstards

Inspired by the sounds of the streets of New Orleans, seven Leicester lads make up King Brasstards - featuring a mighty sousaphone, percussion & much more


Men in Slacks

The Men in Slacks presented by Cirque Bijou is a rip-roaring, rhythm-driven, side-splitting circus spectacular!  This dynamic and fast-paced show is packed with slick stunts, big tricks, innovative rigging, and great legs!  As well as the spectacle of rope walking, high line, and juggling, Men In Slacks offers a healthy dose of physical comedy and oddity, suitable for keeping all ages amused and wanting more.


Rodney Branigan

Ever seen someone play 2 guitars at once? Rodney Branigan can play two better than most can play one! US born Rodney Branigan relocated to the UK after learning his craft across the pond and has since been stunning audiences around the world with his jaw dropping guitar skills and delightful song writing ability. 

Having toured the world several times, including support slots for respected performers such as Jack Johnson, Billy Bragg, G-Love and Show of Hands Branigan proves that he's top of his craft and never fails to please an audience with his passionate performances. BBC Cambridge referred to Branigan as l 'Living Legend' and Crossroads Magazine in France called him '...the discovery of the year or even the decade,' incredible plaudits for just one man. 


Sweet Water Warblers

Michigan songbirds, Rachael Davis, Lindsay Lou and May Erlewine take your breath away almost as an amazing force of nature might have the same effect.

Since coming together, the three singing sirens and multi-instrumentalists whose repertoire swings from gospel and bluegrass to soul and even joyful interpretations of pop, have become one of the hottest properties on the US roots music circuit.

With three-part vocal harmonies that are sublime, they trade instruments including mountain fiddle and banjo, uke, guitar and double bass. When they released their latest recording in the UK, it attracted much praise, AmericanaUK awarding the disc a 9/10 rating. “Outstanding!  This is top drawer roots music,” said reviewer Rick Bayles.

Lindsay Lou is perhaps better known as lead vocalist with her other popular band The Flatbellys. They were one of the main visiting attractions at Celtic Connections in January, and featured in the BBC2 TV Highlights programme. She was nominated in the 2016 Best Vocalist category by the prestigious International Bluegrass Music Association.

The trio is making a rare appearance on this side of the Atlantic for a short string of dates that include main stage shows at Didmarton Bluegrass Festival and Towersey Folk Festival.

“Classy American acoustic music” – fRoots magazine

“Powerful, glorious harmonies” – RnR (Rock n Reel) magazine


Swing Zazou

Electro Swing dance band Swing Zazou collide vintage 30’s & 40’s big band and Gypsy Swing with live-mixed beats - a foot-stomping recipe of soaring hot-swingin' licks, driving swing-scat vocals, and vintage harmonies that creates the fully-charged and irresistible sound of live Electro Swing.

Expect to hear a kicking up-tempo live show with a full clarinet-led live band of trumpet, violin, helicon, guitar, double-bass, drums and live-mixed beats... A driving toe-tapping vintage Swing sound dragged through the decades and into the new Swing Club scene.

From the original Electro Swing tunes to covers of back-in-the day classics such as It Ain't Right, Don't Fall Asleep and Diga Diga Doo, Swing Zazou creates a modern Swing party to wear out the soles of your spats!

Swing Zazou have also performed live on the BBC Radio 1 as part of the Rob da Bank Electro Swing Special, and their debut track 'Wideboy' has recently been released on 'Electro Swing Revolution 3'.



Founded in 1999 by progressive rock composer Daniel Cerne, former classical soloist Bojan Cvetreznik and multi-instrumentalist Boštjan Gombac. From the very beginning, the ensemble transcended national borders and with a number of European tours, obtained a wide circle of listeners. Thanks to their unique approach to presenting music, excellent stage appearances, fluid communication with audiences, and distinctive mix of various musical genres from ethnic, folk and world music to pop, classical and rock, the group built up a unique phenomenon that proved convincing to both demanding music critics and juries of international music prizes like the Spirit of the Fringe, Boomerang 2002, BBC Radio World Music Audience Award, Tap Water Awards,... The band has released seven albums and perform in 17 different countries.

It would be a brave person who thought that he had the measure of a Terrafolk show. There are the gypsy traditions, the conservatory-standard musicianship, liberal injections of lunacy, audience participation, fiery exchanges between violin and accordion and just when you're thinking, well, that's quite a lot to be going on with, they'll produce some expert Bach or a heavy-metal solo out of an innocent-looking acoustic guitar...

Rob Adams, The Herald


Theatre Irrwisch - Grannies

The town needs more unworthy old women. And now they come. Insecurity is spreading; the borders of decency are crossed with relish. Better not mess with these old ladies. With typical wit and physical exertion, Irrwisch shows that pensioners could also use a riot. Coached by "Cacahuète" theatrical provocateurs, the granny gang embarks on rule- breaking with their little hats and brollies. Even better than the old Monty Python concept: because this geriatric gang is real, they’re here and there’s going to be trouble.


Theatre Irrwisch - Wegenstreits Guests

Everywhere the crazy figures in tails and on stilts appear the public is full of enthusiasm. They don’t talk, but they communicate a great deal. They find everything new and every reaction astounding. They are artists on their stilts and poets in their hearts. They don’t stop at anything or anyone - they climb into other people’s apartments on the first floor, exchange a bicycle for a piece of furniture, hi-jack busses and trams. But they give everything back - usually to someone else, just to give pleasure and that, amidst the chaos they create - the nicest since fear of it began - seems to be their only aim.


Tombs Creatius - Colors de Monstre

"Step up to an array of interactive games to test your puzzle solving, cup stacking and co-ordination abilities. Playful Catalan artists ‘Tombs Creatius' beautifully designed and handmade wooden games are perfect for all ages and skill levels. With colourful illustrations, they create an expressive and exciting atmosphere in the streets and plazas."


Up Arte

 A combination of power, technique, plasticity and an element in scene.

Todo encaja reveals the more human side of its components, transmitting the spectator from joy and fun to swing rhythm, to the most intense emotions charged with adrenaline and tension.

A visual and simple show, without focusing much on dramaturgies and with touches of humor ...

Flight, jumping, acrobatics, human towers, excitement, self-improvement, self-confidence and self-confidence are what these six artists demonstrate.
All within a simple space that will make the audience simply enjoy the show.

Prepare to hold your breath ..


Wet Picnic - The Dinner Table

Ursula Harrington Carrington Barrington Farrington Larrington takes you on a 20 minute crash course in how to behave at the table. A surreal and playful show where all the guests learn a little something. With audience participation, lots of foody mess and a little dancing thrown in for fun!

Ursula’s famous approach to teaching etiquette has toured Europe and in to Russia and even been featured in Russian Vogue. Ursula brings everybody together for a few (slightly skewed) lessons in decent dining and eating etiquette. The Dinner Table is a fusion of comedy, music, dance, clowning and absurd observations of social conventions.



15ft6 - Dynamite & Poetry

In Dynamite & Poetry four acrobats deliver an explosive performance, literally making you jump out of your seat.

They blow up the stage with a spectacle of Russian bar, teeter board and Chinese pole. Risk is a necessity but all is complemented with a keen blend of humour and poetry. "When the fuse gets shorter and there are no more friends, get ready for the boom for all that begins shall end."


Circus Fergus

A highly interactive juggling show packed full of family friendly gags.

From juggling up to 5 torches to juggling with his feet to an unmissable Grand Finale on top of a giant unicycle, Circus Fergus is destined to be a Festival favourite.


Cirque Bijou - Circus Cafe

A pop-up circus restaurant where unsuspecting members of Devizes' crowd will be able to order a dish from the a la carte menu.....

....and receive their very own circus performance. This wonderfully interactive street show is brought to you by 6 highly skilled emerging circus performers and 1 professional compere.


Dizzy O'Dare - The Giant Balloon Show

Take everything you know about balloons, and twist that into a highly entertaining 45minutes that will have the whole family in stitches and awe.

Expect feverous balloon sculptures, high energy comic performance and the all important giant balloon! This is a small-scale show, which plays big. "A Masterclass in entertainment."


Entlechy Arts - Bed

A creative response to the feelings of invisibility that older people experience on a day to day basis.....

Bed is a street theatre performance event co-designed by a group of emerging older artists (in their 70s and 80s) from south east London.


Francesca Mari - "CIRCO A PUA"

An eccentric, elegant, vivacious maid with a sarcastic sense of humour finds herself in the middle of a group of people.....

A suitcase becomes a table, a stage, a container. Expect juggling, balloons, a 2.5m high giraffe and an inevitable fiery ending of course!


Frolicked - Arthur

Arthur is an efficient and service driven hygiene inspector with high expectations...

He has incredibly high standards and expects his surroundings to be immaculate, including (and especially) any nearby people!


Frolicked - The Boggarts

Boggarts are little leaf goblins that firmly believe every one else is in their territory......

...and their territory happens to be wherever they decide to roam. These legless wonders are totally obsessed with human being legs (particularly shoes). But

be careful not to antagonise these little creatures – they may be small but they're chock full of mischief... and their bark may be accompanied by a toothless bite!


Fullstop Acrabatic Theatre

Every day we are bombarded by strong images of masculinity and femininity. Inspired by this theme, Fullstop Acrobatic Theatre has combined circus, theatre and dance to create this surprising show.

The roles that men and women play in biological, social and cultural contexts are an inexhaustible point of discussion.


Glasshouse - You, Me and Everybody Else

Set in various locations, three duets unfold to tell the story of a relationship seen at different points in time.

The audience is taken on a journey that reflects the couples own, at points comic and laugh-out-loud at other s poignant and touching. Beginning with them falling in love for the first time, the question is where will you and they end up next?


Cirque Du Platzac - Kermiz

A temperamental aerialist, a Spanish toreador, a trumpeter on a slack rope and a German acrobat with a fascination for staplers – just some of the eccentric characters from Le Cirque du Platzak.

Kermiz is a circus adventure in a childish dream: not a sweet story, more like the dark side of a Grimm fairy tale. Kermiz mixes the atmosphere of the old circus with nouveau cirque, peppered with rousing folk music


Pangottic - Project_Vee

Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and unpredictable moments....

Project_Vee isa nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century. Steel, concrete and motors meet in an unlikely way; Project_Vee takes juggling in a different dimension. Literally. Credits: Project_Vee is commissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and Out There.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, and support from the National Centre for Circus Arts, Worthing Theatres and 101 Outdoor Arts.


Plunge Boom - Smoke

A man moves amongst members of the public. Gradually smoke begins to creep from out of his trouser leg.....

He gives his leg a shake and the smoke stops. Next, it arises from his collar, then his sleeves. All the while he acknowledges this with a weary resignation, but what starts as a tiny wisp, ends up as an all-consuming plume. Can you help him out before he disappears completely?


Ramshacklicious - Mr & Mr Burn

Meet Mr & Mr Burn, an explosive, chaotic, offbeat double act with a touch of disaster about them. One part strange function room musician, the other part, the

not so tuneful crooner.....

Listen as they fill the air with some sweet swinging, brass heavy music, performed from their small but decadent mobile bandstand. But will they get through their concert without setting their whole world on fire?

Directed by Flick Ferdinando, Funded by Arts Council England and Co-commissioned by DOCA and Glastonbury Festival


Stefano Di Renzo - Hold On

Welcome to the world of Hold on where gravity, counterweight and centrifugal force are tested to new limits.

Witness a wordless performance of delightful virtuosity wherebuckets whirl around, cups and balls fly through the air and planks become catapults. All culminating with the charming character holding himself afloat in the air just by the strength of his grip whilst he is precariously balancing on top of the rope he is holding on to. He holds himself up, if he lets go he will fall...


Stopgap - Bill & Bobby

After a night on the town two revellers awake to find themselves in a bath...

Convinced that the party is not over, the two friends play a tipsy tribute to the dancing partnerships of the silver screen. Bill & Bobby celebrates a golden time of good old-fashioned entertainment, when dancing together and 'happily ever after' went hand in hand.


Strong Lady Productions - LEAP

Two performers revel in the joy of performing the biggest tricks they can! No talking or hype, only astounding strength and grace.

Reuben leaps high into into the air and only Charmaine can stop him hitting the ground! In a final test of trust he climbs up and around a 5m pole held of the ground in her hands, to balance on top with a backdrop of only sky, before a final LEAP of faith...


The Raree Man's Peepshow

The peepshow was one of the most popular forms of street entertainment in the 18th and 19th Centuries - not only depicting scenes for amusement, but often as a way to educate, showcase exotic scenarios and present moral tales. Join the Raree Man to view animated scenes through the peepholes, just as they did in Centuries gone by. 


Wet Picnic - The Lift

An elegant elevator arrives accompanies by three bellhops. The audience are invited to step inside ...

The Lift is a roving theatrical experience that envelops its audience, welcoming them into a world of captured moments, giving them a surreal experience that they won't forget.

You will be invited to step inside and choose a moment by selecting one of nine different ‘floor’ buttons. Each button triggers a particular scene or event which is performed for both the audience member in The Lift and those on the outside looking in.