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Street Festival Archive

Every year, we host fantastically talented companies as part of the Devizes International Street Festival. See below for previous year's programmes: 


Picnic in the Park Archive

Previous years have seen some fantastic names playing at the Picnic in the Park. See past year's programme's below:

Streets Ahead

Young People - workshops and activities at Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts

Following a pilot project in 2013 performers from the Natural Theatre Company ran a number of workshops with young people from Splash!

Street Band

Noises on the Street was a pilot project that took place in Devizes between May and July 2015.


It explored Street Bands and Street Music, inspired by marching bands and steel bands around the world, especially New Orleans, and mixes up jazz, funk, folk and other music.


New Paths

New Paths was a short pilot project commissioned by Quest Southwest to enable artists to create new links and work with specific non-arts organisations who have expressed an interest in the project, in order to research and develop new ideas for outdoor work. Three pilot projects have taken place in the southwest.

Elemental Encounters

DOCA Elemental Encounters project

Elemental Encounters worked closely with a group of local residents to investigate the character of Devizes and its surroundings through a series of 'enquiries', each of which was based on one of the four elements - earth, air, fire and water.

Sunday Night Show 2014

As part of the Devizes International Street Festival 2014 DOCA commissioned Rag and Bone to produce 'Burning Bright' – an illuminated dream with street bands, lights and a few surprises'!