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Welcome to DOCA!

Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts (DOCA) is a registered Charity on a mission to bring high-quality arts to Devizes and the surrounding area. We present professional outdoor arts experiences, creating participatory opportunities working with local, national and international artists.
Our annual programme sees some of the best artists from a multitude of art forms coming to Devizes to present outdoor arts at their most thrilling and uplifting. From street theatre to contemporary dance, visual art to puppetry, pyrotechnics, street music and circus – we aim to create inspirational events that everyone can engage in.

We excel in delivering creative, participatory opportunities, involving hundreds of people in our workshops, carnivals and processions, attracting thousands of people of all ages to our annual International Street Festival, Confetti Battle, Carnival and Christmas Lantern Parade in Devizes.

The DOCA team have recently returned to work and have been looking at how we can work to bring Devizes some amazing events in the coming months. They might look a little different to what we are used to, but in their own way will be just as magical…